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Demand that the House Natural Resource Committee hear H. 1241, the Rio Grande Del Norte National Conservation Area Establishment Act

Republican leaders are calling the Rio Grande del Norte legislation a “land grab” and refuse to hear any Democratic legislation. Demand that this bill be heard by the House Natural Resources Committee.

Sportsmen, conservationists, small business owners and citizens across New Mexico have shown suport for this legislation, which would create a nearly 236,000-acre conservation area including two new wildernesses. The Rio Grande del Norte National Conservation Area Establishment Act will safeguard some of northern New Mexico’s most striking wild places, including the iconic Ute Mountain.

Moreover, the bill supports traditional communities and cultures in Northern New Mexico. It is the first legislation to explicitly honor and acknowledge the rights of land grant communities under the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, and it protects traditional harvesting and gathering practices of Native American groups.

Let your voice be heard by writing Congressmen Lujan, Hastings (WA) and Bishop (UT).