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Dear Friend of Lobos,wolf and pups with donate

In August, we asked our members to call the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) to help save the alpha female of the Fox Mountain pack in New Mexico. The USFWS originally had plans to kill her because of some cattle predation on her part. Through our combined efforts, we saved her from being killed.

While the USFWS and members of Congress heard our strong call and did not kill the Fox Mountain Pack Mexican wolf mother, she was recently captured and will live in captivity permanently.

Wolves are social animals that rely on family members in hunting and pup rearing.  Trapping or darting this wolf, and removing her forever, will disrupt the pack as well as bring us back to the policy of scapegoating wolves who occasionally prey on livestock — even when, as in this instance, the stock-owner is reimbursed.

At last count, just 57 wolves including six breeding pairs survive in the wild.  In addition to the 12 wolves shot by the government thus far since reintroduction in 1998, 18 were killed as a consequence of capture, and up to 23 remain in captivity indefinitely; at least nine others have died of age-related ailments years after their capture.

The Fish and Wildlife Service is rightfully concerned that the two breeding adults of the Fox Mountain pack are cousins. The solution to the problem of two closely related animals breeding is obvious-the service must release many new wolves to the wild. That way, when the pups grow up, they will be able to find unrelated mates and raise a family.  No new wolf has been released from captivity since November 2008!

Now is the time to once again help this lobo family and not let federal bureaucrats set back Mexican wolf recovery as they have done numerous times before.

Please call the White House, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and your members of congress and tell them to prevent a second extinction of Mexican wolves! Join others in calling for the release of more wolves into the wild. We urge you to contact your public officials every month until there is a policy change.

White House number: 202-456-1111
USFWS in Washington, DC Public number: 1-800-344-9453
USFWS Southwest Regional Office External Affairs Office: 505-248-6911 (other numbers are 505-761-4748 or 505-363-2797)
Your Congressional representatives (click here to find numbers)
Your Senators (click here to find numbers)

Phone calls usually carry more weight than emails.

Letters to the editor responding to multiple articles about this issue are needed as well. Go here for more information.


Learn more about what we’re doing for Mexican gray wolves and look for our special wolf newsletter next month. You can also help by giving online.