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Last Friday we invited our members to a public meeting with Interior Secretary Ken Salazar about Río Grande del Norte. We are excited to say there were about 150 people at the meeting with standing room only. There was full unanimous support from the crowd, and there were about 50 speakers representing business, grazing, tribes, sportsmen, boy scouts, artists, educators, chambers, outfitters, recreationists, landowners, archeologists and more! No one spoke in opposition!

Thank you so much to those of you who came out to support the monument. Salazar will now be working on determining how best to get protection for Rio Grande del Norte.
“Public lands provide huge economic benefits to communities through tourism and outdoor recreation, and the Rio Grande del Norte is no exception,” Salazar said. “We need to ensure that generations to come have the opportunity to experience this iconic Western landscape.”
Please join us in protecting Rio Grande del Norte National Monument today. Your donations not only help us keep pressure on the decision-makers, but also help us continue our work with the culturally diverse communities of New Mexico to support creation of a national monument. Your letters to the president are also critical to the success of this historic conservation effort. Please use the link below to send your free fax today.

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