For Immediate Release
Date: November 3, 2010
Contact: Stephen Capra, The New Mexico Wilderness Alliance
Phone: 505-843-8696 x 105
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

wolfstamp 200x250New Mexico Wilderness Alliance Awards First Conservation Wolf Stamp Grant to Conservationist Elke Duerr of Wild Wolf Film

The New Mexico Wilderness Alliance (NMWA) is excited to announce that it has awarded its first-ever Conservation Wolf Stamp Grant to film maker and conservationist Elke Duerr for her Wild Wolf Film project.

The grant of $2,500 supports Ms. Duerr’s Wild Wolf Film, a multi-year outreach effort educating the public on Mexican Gray Wolf reintroduction, and “advancing the coexistence of wilderness and civilization.”

“Ms. Duerr has shown the heart and passion needed by us all if we are to save this magnificent creature,” said NMWA Executive Director Stephen Capra. “The present political climate only amplifies the need for people like Elke to help spread the word on the value of protecting species like the Mexican wolf to maintain a healthy ecosystem.”

Upon receiving the award, Duerr commented: “Thank you to the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance for acknowledging my efforts to aid in the recovery of the Mexican Gray Wolves by awarding me a grant. It is my heart’s desire to create awareness for the interconnectedness and beauty of all life on this planet and to help implement creative solutions to a healthy coexistence between wolves and humans. We all belong in the web of life.”

The grant is the first to be awarded from NMWA’s Conservation Wolf Stamp Fund, generated from the sale of NMWA’s first-ever Conservation Wolf Stamp. NMWA’s Conservation Wolf Stamp is similar to the Duck Stamp sold by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, except no hunting is related to the sale of the Wolf Stamp. All proceeds go into the Conservation Wolf Stamp Fund, administered by NMWA and distributed directly to projects and organizations working for Mexican Gray Wolf recovery.

NMWA will award further grants to worthy projects in the coming months, and looks forward to releasing a new Wolf Stamp for sale each year to support the Conservation Wolf Stamp Fund. To learn more about the Conservation Wolf Stamp, visit the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance website.

Read about Elke Duerr’s Wild Wolf Film project on the artist’s website,